My left foot explained by ted talks

This is not the first time I have heard the contents of this video but it is a good short way of explaining what is going on with my left foot.

Ted Talks Chronic Pain

The mystery of chronic pain

Sadly for me the treatment that this patient received while similar to what I have received has left me with poor outcome and still remains since January 2008. The likelihood is that I will have this for decades or longer but I still feel a lot better than even 2 years ago and I hope to continue to gradually get stronger and more able to cope with the situation. The difference for the lady and myself was is in the event to trigger the pain was that I did not suffer an accident. In my case the nerve was physically damaged internally by the ruptured disc material over a period of many years and after many surgeries in that spinal location not as a result of an accident to a healthy body. I am very happy to see her make such good progress.

I believe that the longer we wait for treatment (even with good private medical cover waiting lists are long) then the more likely that a complication like mine happens…it’s a 1% chance and well that’s life…

Anyway any questions comments welcome and I would be happy to discuss…

To Everyone suffering be strong and everyone who is well, be as happy as you can be.

Don’t wait for tomorrow!


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