Arrived in Kiev! Seriously how cute?


Arrived in Kiev! Seriously how cute?


Tanya, Richard, Anna and I all have arrived in safely. Weather is hot but not too hot. Kiev city looked s amazing in the distance with gold gilded church roofs and really different architecture. We will get into the city on Sunday as tomorrow is Vassa’s seventh birthday party.

It is really great at to meet Tanya’s Mum, Anna, brother in law Tollig(sorry with the spelling) and their two children Birthday boy Vassily and toddler Millana! As for Blackie their dog she is so so gorgeous with a lovely personality, she even understands me, sort of!

Lunch was was amazing and the local watermelon weighed in at 18 Kilograms so almost a Ryanair check in bag limit.

To say I am inspired to get out my paint brushes is an understatement but as we awoke so early 0255 am today sleep overtakes this so thank you for the welcome and good night!

спокойной ночи
spokoynoy nochiна здоровье [na zdar’ovye].


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Scott Sibbald I use self led art therapy for chronic pain. My daily battle with pain originates from multiple spinal surgeries the second produced failed Back Surgery Syndrome and combined with Disc Degeneration leaves me in constant pain and reduced physical ability. With painting, creating and my extended but small family gives me the strength to fight on daily. Newly discovered the Spoon Theory and new Spoonie!

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