Sad sight of Edinburgh Castle with its flag at half mast today..

Sight of Edinburgh Castle with its flag at half mast today made me think about last week in Tunisa and at far to many other location across our world tonight.

It was a very beautiful day today in the UK! Sadly it’s beauty was tarnished by the sight of flags flown at half mast at Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood palace and other sites around Edinburgh and across the UK. 

It’s a sign of respect known the world over, it’s a symbol not revenge or vengeance, it’s a memory of better days. Perhaps a harsh reminder that life is short, life is made up of very small chances that become a life changing nightmare for a few families and friends. How to cope with that is I don’t know as it’s simply not comprehendable, a holiday in sun with sea and lots of photographs and video that fill up the cloud that nobody will ever watch. The videos of last week will be viewed and analysed in great details by millions of people. They are X rated horrors but I feel that they should be shown to everyone so that we can try to protect an open society. Our society is not perfect we can always improve and we should never force people along our path when they are going the other direction we should let them walk away and leave them to it. 

The world seems alight with military or fiscal anger and that’s not a cycle the world needs to have it’s dangerous. 
While it’s clear and impossible to have everyone as your best friend but we need to ensure that tollerance and respect exists for other human beings regardless of nationality, religion, sex and status. 

Last point is that if your having a bad day think of the people suffering tonight who are really looking down the barrel as it’s always to civilians that bear the brunt of conflict. 
My thoughts go out eveyone affected by the events in Tunisia last week in the UK, Athlone in the Rep. Of Ireland, Tunisia and everywhere else on this planet where violence is rampant.  


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