Approach to Cockenzie Power Station Demoltition 2015

Cockenzie power station demolition progress makes it look like a setting from Modern Warfare

This is the view from beside the fallen towers of Cockenzie Power station earlier this week. I agree it’s not pretty but it is a strange view from what was there before and in someway it looks so out-of-place but so familiar at the same time. Like in human life buildings evolve and dissolve into history, when looking at the building with fuzzy unfocused eye it reminds me of the AT-AT Walker from Star Wars, sadly I can’t now see that connection in the photographs.

It’s a different shoreline looking out over the bay from East Lothian but more so from Portobello beach where I saw every day during school holidays not on the way into the swimming pool, we were in too much of a rush but the view was obviously recorded in my memory hence the strong association with the chimneys turned to rubble.

What do you think about the fallen chimneys?  Of course I have painted the power station for a few months now and I will continue to do so as it a good topic, local and it could be called a therapy.

I posted yesterday some photos with a sunset from before the demolition click here to have a look. Tanya gets the credit for those pictures as she took them as I was driving and considering the result from an iPhone is remarkable.

My next post will be about therapy. Pain, Art and Therapy its the cocktail that keeps me going. Check back soon

To those in pain stay safe, stay strong but dont give yourself a hard time. To Paris and all effected my thoughts are with you.

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