Urban Sketching while attending Edinburgh’s hospitals

Urban Sketching at Edinburgh regional hostpitals.

It’s not unusual for me to visit hospitals but as I had a lot of December appointments I also wanted to use the time better than reading an old copy of a magazine. I decided to bring my outdoor sketching kit and started to draw the area where I was waiting. It was speed sketching but it was good fun. I wanted to use this opportunity to thank all the Staff in NHS hospital and hospices around Edinburgh. They do a great job, they care, respond, listen and give you time to comprehend the subject. I don’t think that people realise how lucky we are to have this structure and level of care.  I wish you all Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016!

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However I have decided to speak out about primary and pharmacy care that is lacking so much as it simply is unfriendly, unapproachable, overloaded by policies and procedures, that only hinder not help the patients, appointment systems dont work, as I don’t know if I will be ill in 3 weeks time but I do know that I feel that we all must fight against this. I will be raising this with our local MP’s, MEP’s, NHS Trust management, local media, social media and will restart work on www.one-percent.eu as a focal point to improve paitients self management and group together to find a long lasting way of collectively improving primary care across the country.

What at else can we do?

I would love to hear from you as I have a life long life changing illness, not being a life threatening, I am stuck in limbo with what I feel is no primary care,  it’s simply absent of any care, only just doing the bare minimum. What else should we expect in a three minute GP appointment anyway? Is this the doctors fault directly? I don’t think so. So much paperwork so much communication but who actually reviews all the reports? I suspect the doctors tries to before you walk in the room but again too much to read and the clock is already ticking on your 3 minutes so the more they have to read the shorter the time remaining becomes. Is there any wonder why it’s hard to recruit General practitioners? I am not able to say why recruitment is hard. I don’t blame them going into specialist practice or hospital career route and for not wanting to be part doctor part administrator.

We must make our own difference, we must manage our own health, we must be able to talk to the doctor, we must be able to get an appointment in a reasonable time. The true extent of the waiting lists must be made public, not so that the GP trust/ surgery is fined by the regulator but so that an action plan be identified and a resolution plan put into place to help patients not procedure and policies.

The Doctors are generally not directly too blame, I have met some amazing doctors in general practice. They must be pulling their hair out but the reception staff should remember that we are patients, we are not well, we need help and care, being unwell is not a patients fault, the overloading of procedures is not the patients fault and reducing someone to tears on the phone is not acceptable in any situation.

A smile goes a long way.

You don’t need to be sick to understand that?

Do you?

Stay strong, keep painting and let’s say we need care not procedures.

Happy Xmas and best wishes for 2016.


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