Great view south east from Prestonpans station

Last Thursday was a Lovely day, cold fresh and so tempting to paint.. I thought I will do that now on the train to another hospital appointment in Glasgow. It worked out in the end but the problem was on the return journey when someone brushed my arm and now I have a pencil line right in the centre of the picture. It’s only sketchbook and done on a train so hot hot hot that the paint was dry the instant it hit the paper.

Also I include a few pictures of George square in Glasgow. I snapped a few shots as the shaddows were amazing. In tonal black and white they looked great also. Sadly standing at the station side the sun was so strong that the iPhone just did not focus on anything if only I had my camera with me. Arrived at hospital had camera in bag. Huh.

Last point (you might see the funny side of that point in a second) I show some pictures of my very small travelling paint box. Yes it’s a 7 day tablet box from the chemist. Cost a pound and its working out well. I use the underside of the lid to mix colours. I learned not the share the lemon yellow as things go a bit green when least appreciated. Keeping that to itself is the workaround.

You might also see in one of the photos that my right index finger is in a sticky plaster. I was showing Anna how to safely cut carrots. I was going on about the point that you should never use a blunt knife. Of course she had the good knife I had to blunt one. I need to say thanks to Tanya for using all the skills that Clare imparted to her. I won’t post the picture of the finger without the plaster.
Now you can see the point or maybe you can’t put your finger on it…
Oh and when I got into Edinburgh there was a lovely “freightliner” class 90 number 90043 looking like it was just out of the paint shop. It really was massive and if I had a wish it was that it was not running when I was there.

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