I think March will be a month of firsts

So today I saw my first opera. I had thought I was going to see a ballet but it was opera tonight at the Edinburgh Playhouse to see “Carmen by Elen Kent productions”. So 40 years and I have to say I really enjoyed it. We managed to buy a ticket for Anna today so it was Tanya (and bump), Anna and I. 

Of course it’s hard to compare it to anything but it was great.  

 Spanish story, sung in French, by a Ukrainian cast with English subtitles. Confusing but it worked out. 

“CASPIAN” the white Catalan stallion, really was a horse. He was that was on the cover of the program and came on at the start of the last act on to the stage and it really looked epic. Apparently “CASPIAN” was in the movies Warhorse, Robin Hood and snowhite. He was bred for the bull ring and you could see why. He was joined by a really cute Shetland like pony. Anna got her photo taken outside afterwards…that photo was not good sadly. 

Ok so all good so far. Mum did not go into labour despite the heat in the theatre. I suspect Tanya felt that the seats were tiny as I usually do.  

Shocking, crazy silly and I should have known better was the cost of ice cream. 14£ sterling… For 2 X 200ml tubs…total 600 ml…. Yes only 600 ml.. I had chocolate but it should have been gold for that price. For the same money in lidl you can get 15 litres of their amazing vanilla 2.5 litre in the red tub! 


The other first was yesterday when we parked in a side street in leith looking for a Russian shop.. We found a Ukrainian flag on a church accross the street, it was a Ukrainian Catholic Church not Russian Orthadox that Tanya would go to but it was interesting to see. The shop had closed down but we had a coffee and cake in a new Portuguese bakery. I forget that name now. 

So it’s been a good few days and so back to normal for Sunday with match of the day and then Scotland V France rugby.. Come on Scotland….


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