Train sketching and even a bit of nuclear train spotting on the way.. Nice 

Train sketching and even a bit of nuclear train spotting on the way.. Nice

So today was another day trip to the pain clinic in Glasgow. It’s a repeat of a trip from last month but I need to go and replace my power charger for my spinal cord stimulator. While the trip is a long day the clinic are great and whilst it took a while I got a replacement charger. Next appointment will be Feb 2017 seems a long way away and at least I will miss out on the closure of the tunnel at Glasgow queen street. I feel sorry for people doing the daily commute. Today on the way out I took the early north Berwick train direct to Glasgow central. It was a new train and it did take so long that you could be half way to London in the same timeframe but,it saved me walking too much in Glasgow.
The first pictures show my painting equipment and what I was doing along the day. It was a new train but it was not easy painting but it made the 1 hour 40 minute journey fly past.

So as for the train spotting well I have to confess I have never been a spotter but I love railways in particular the good old diesel era where train were loud, dirty, slow to start and slow to stop, the era before the diesel and steam before dragged or pushed trains along the track. Those days of prestige, luxury, pride and love are going and in 20 years we will really not be preserving the current scotrail DMU trains that is for sure. Why I tell you this is as we were slowly moving at a junction I saw my favorite class 35 on the adjacent platform in Blue DRS direct rail services livery. Then I saw it was a double headed class 35 train. That’s two locomotives in case double headed sounds weird. I started to reach for the camera button on my phone. I was thinking maybe it’s a…. Nuclear train!

Nuclear Flasks Is what they are known as. I must even confess i was very happy to see that. I was even happier to see a newly repainted wagon as the last unit. Now it all happened in fractions of a second but it was great to see them. i add a few pictures of the class 92 loco “Driver Frank Mills” in red DB Schenker livery.not a patch on the Nuclear train. Indeed I must confess I do have a backman/Hornby OO model train of both the class 35 and 2 Nuclear Flask wagons. Those wagons are super and it will be interesting if a new revised wagon is produced by Backman…

All in all a good day,even with the increase of pain.

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