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Please may we introduce our new born son Alexander Frank Peter Sibbald

Please may we introduce our new born son Alexander Frank Peter Sibbald.

Tanya and Scott Sibbald would like to introduce our son Alexander Frank Peter Sibbald to the world.  Alexander was born on the 22nd March 2016 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.

Both Tanya and Alexander are both well with mum shrinking and Alexander growing each day.

Anna and Richard are caring superbly for their brother and with growing confidence.

Tanya and I are so grateful for my parents Joyce and Frank’s love and support. We do look forward to Grandad and Babushka having Alexander for his first sleep over.

Babushka Anna Kuzmenko, Aunt Ksucha Kuzmenko send all their love from Kiev we all look forward to that introduction and in the meantime its FaceTime Time!

Thank you to all our friends and family in the UK, Ireland, EU and Ukraine for all the amazing presents, it has been overwhelming so thank you all very much!

Sleep is the only thing we miss but the reward is well worth the effort.

So at last a photo has been posted and so if you have any photos please feel free to share them..

I am very happy to start planning on the model train set and I am sure Alexander will be impressed as it has sound and can control it from a smartphone or PC. Yeah

Дорогие друзья, с трепетом в душе хочу поделится с вами радостной вестью. Я в третий раз стала мамой. 22.03.2016 родился Александр Сиббалд. Папа Скотт бесконечно горд и счастлив (он хотел мальчика все долгие 9 месяцев). А я с радостью вновь окунулась во все прелести материнства новорожденного. Скотт, Анюта и Ричи, Джойс и Франк, мама и Ксюша все своей заботой и любовью поддерживали меня во время беременности, и за это им огромное спасибо. Также спасибо всем моим друзьям в Эдинбурге, Киеве, Ирландии, Италии и Израиле за их поддержку, юмор, любовь и позитив! Я вас всех очень люблю. Ваша Таня Анина.





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