Today is pain awareness day so seems right to paint while the sun is out!


The sun was out and so it felt the right time for painting outdoors. Of course my house does not look out towards Seattle but the cityscape was inclosed with a gift Tanya and I received for our son Alexander. The gift was a christening present of a really cool Seattle Seahawks shirt which is an amazing present from Tom Kate and Stewart in Seattle. Thanks folks and really hope to see you in 2017!

Also in the photo there is a dark coloured the pochade box (paint box) that belonged to Yvonne Caldwell’s late father Mr Jim Preston. It was stored for many years in their garage and I am very grateful it was handed down to me as it was full of paints, a few had some old nasty ingredients and were disposed off but with a couple of new additions it will work out perfectly thanks Yvonne! While it was only an hour of test driving and rough coat in oil paints the equipment worked out very well. By not using heavy wooden legs and using Lightweight plastic legs I can carry it in light parts on my own unlike my heavy artists travel easel. It’s like a lump of concrete and does nothing for my bones I don’t use it.  So now following the link of my bones…. and for a serious point.

Today is “100 cities against pan awareness day” information 100 cities against pain day. It is therefore I think a good time to tell you that a few months ago I joined a new bloggers group at

Joining was easy and I promised myself I would actively write about coping and not coping with my chronic illness that being pain. The commitment for the network was to write one (1 yup just 1) chronic illness related post (article like this) per month. I never dreamt it would be so hard.

Perhaps there was a doubt in my mind as I did not share the website address or even easier their Facebook page so I maybe did think it would be actually very difficult.

Today is the day I realised that everytime I have posted about my painting, my family or watching sport with that lads in Galway that is me coping with my pain.

I have two articles that I will share in the coming months but today being awareness day I wanted to ask you to have a look at Christine Miserandino description of chronic illness. It’s not my illness but the scenario described matches my own decision making and many symptoms are the same.

It brought a tear to my eye, its powerful but simple and I can relate to it and I think you can too.

Christine’s story is very short at two pages but packs a punch.  I suppose am a spoonie now too.

Click the link below to open a PDF copy from the authors website Click here to download in PDF format the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

There are many other articles including an author biography and I would suggest a little further exploration for a spoonie or spouse of a spoonie! Christine Miserandino and all other items are copyrighted to Christine Miserandino.



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