Snoopy at the Sick Kids children’s hospital edinburgh that I doodled/painted this year.

It was a couple of months back now but it was a late Friday evening and one of the kids started feeling very, very unwell. It’s always easy to say afterwards that it was an over reaction to call 999 but we did not overreact that night. Sp the ambulance crew arrived in less than 10 minutes and whisked Anna off to the hospital. This is not a post going to complain about the response of any of the medical teams that helped my family that weekend as The whole service performed a good service for us and thankfully things are better now
The teams are all great and the NHS should be proud of all of their teams.

In the treatment rooms there they have high windows that are at street level. The one we were in had a painting of Snoopy on that window.. that was the most interesting subject I could see in the room was the frosted window with an old painting of snoopy. I remember being in a room when I broke my arm aged about 12 and I am sure they were there then 30 years or so ago. Before I left the house to follow the ambulance I threw my watercolours into the car as I am used to being in hospital waiting rooms I find that spending the time sketching anything does help pass the time. The staff were amused that in the middle of the night they had a parent not a child painting in the department.
Maybe I could do a future painting for the new hospital when it opens.. Art therapy is real, I use my own vision of art therapy daily to deal with all my pains and subsequent medical problems. It might not cure but it does help significantly so when you find a placebo that works then it is certainly it is worth using whatever shape size or form it comes in.

I ended up leaving the sketch with the nurses and hopefully they were able to put it somewhere so that another family or staff can smile when they see it… the hospital building is dated and needs some new art content but that’s not going to happen while they wait for the new hospital to be completed. The building makes me even more appreciative of the work the staff do in a building that has long passed it’s capacity and it’s sell by date.
Full marks to all the teams for looking after us that weekend!

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