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Spring in the air so out comes the outdoor painting kit! 

What a day it was in Fisherrow harbour in Musselburgh yesterday!

The sun was out the temperature was a very warm 14 degrees in the car.  So It was that I brought my oil paints but in the end I had only a hour so watercolour it was.

I started off with my Stillman and Brian Epsilon sketchbook. That good for panoramic compositions so I went for the coast line of Fife over to the city of Edinburgh with snow covered hills in the distance(that I left out anyway).. I decided to leave them out as it was so warm that it seemed unlikely in Scotland to have that combination. It was such a pretty site and so out came the lady Safari fountain pen with waterproof/bulletproof Platinum Carbon Ink as they call their product. 

I sketched and started to add watercolour, while that was drying in the sun I started to map out a large Langton Prestige rough block. I took more time in mapping and used my water soluble graphite pencil. I wanted to lay out the General areas then apply colour and more details. The light was so bright that the paper does not reflect the marks and in the end I only got the initial wash applied.  I will pick that up at home again soon. Time flies when working on two papers simultaneously and I needed to pick up Alexander so I was out of time. 

While just starting to pack up I got talking with a family about my painting,  I said that I painted as a form of therapy which led to talking about other health problems we both share but on different levels. It was really nice to talk with them and I wanted to say I’m I am thinking about you both and i hope you enjoyed the sunshine and I will keep thinking of you both. 
I also as a couple of photos from my Friday afternoon sketching when I was waiting for my car to have its MOT. Never seen so many police in Tranent before. There are a couple of houses that needed front doors replaced. 

Whatever is your placebo make sure you keep using it, I will keep painting it’s my placebo so I will try come wind rain or shine… unless my body makes that impossible… 

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Scott Sibbald I use self led art therapy for chronic pain. My daily battle with pain originates from multiple spinal surgeries the second produced failed Back Surgery Syndrome and combined with Disc Degeneration leaves me in constant pain and reduced physical ability. With painting, creating and my extended but small family gives me the strength to fight on daily. Newly discovered the Spoon Theory and new Spoonie!

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