Spring plein air painting in the Pentlands

So Saturday morning in the Pentlands .. It was good fun but I got sunburnt even with a Cap and Hood up but the wind was so strong and lets just say my easel did not survive the trip.  

The other observation was that my oil paints were very fluid so much more than they have ever felt with the heat. They were like melted butter.. So I now have a connector to enable me to attach an umbrella over the pochade box. I do need to find a plain white umbrella but the only one I have is an old TG4 TV station from the west coast of Ireland. Their colour is deep purple so maybe I need to look harder to find a white one. Either that or my image will be a colour study in purple.. might work out well if a bit abstract.

Here are the photos and it was a really lovely few hours and apart from the British Army shooting range to keep me company there were a few walkers and lots of sheep and lambs…  

It was a very good day out however. 





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