Scott Sibbald Showing at Musselburgh Art Club Art Exhibition August 2018

I cant believe that its this time again. Its time for club exhibhition in the Old Town Hall in Musselburgh. We run from the dates and times below but after several weeks of masking tape, mount boards, plastic and sadly 1 ruined painting I have my entries ready to go. 5 Large canvas and 8 unframed watercolours. 

Its very hard work for the club, the commitee and the members who help to do the setup need medals. I am no use running around a empty hall as I would be a health and safety risk to everyone around me. I will take photos and do the sitting down printing and the odd bit of UN peacekeeping work. Jokes aside the team that do the lifting, erecting, hanging and arrange the tables are worth their weight in gold but we need reinforcements next year… more than a couple at least. 


full details for opening times etc are below or head over to connect to the art club website simply follow this link..

You can add yourself on to the club website email list- If have updated the software properly on… 



The Club will be holding our annual art exhibition from Saturday the 4th of August until Saturday 11Th August 2018.

During the event the club will be exhibiting framed and unframed artworks for sale and there will be many craft tables selling gift items including our club 2019 calendar. 

The exhibition will be held in Musselburgh Old Town Hall, High Street, Musselburgh, EH21 7BZ.

2018 August opening hours;

Saturday 4th 10am – 4pm.
Sunday 5th 12 noon – 4pm.
Monday 6th until Friday 10th 10 am – 4 pm.
Saturday 12th 10am – 4pm.

Admission is free

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Email to

 Musselburgh Art Club is a registered charity number sc004305 and is supported by East Lothian Council. 



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