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Mum and Dad Joyce & Frank Sibbald Golden Wedding Photos from the Family

On the 4th of October it was my parents golden wedding. We had a lunch on Sunday the 7th at Duddingston golf club where mum and dad celebrated with their closest friends and family.



It worked out as an amazing day and I can see how much it meant to them. On the day we used several ideas to share the past memories, there was a photo Canvas, a notice board, original photos from wedding photographer and lastly a projector and a very long Video on repeat. The Video was watched with great interest and it was clear from the families that if possible could I share these photographs.

Well here is the start this is a slightly edited version of the video that was played at the celebration…. Its a video its high def so if your not on WIFI and are not sure about your mobile phone its maybe better advice from me to say wait until you are at home to watch…



A little more information- In the week previous I had scanned almost 2000 photographs using the iPhone app called Photomyne. This application was Fantastic as it was able to take a 3 second photograph with up to 6 individual photos but it automatically cut each into their own photo cropped most of the borders away and then left me with 6 images. It was simple to download from their website or you can save to the phone.

I did think at the time that this is so easy that I need to make sure that I scan as much as possible and put it save on OneDrive or Dropbox to ensure that they stay there permanently.  So that I have 2 copies somewhere I will keep this website www.scottsibbald.co.uk also updated with most of the photos.  This page will have a password on it but I want to explain that I scanned so many photos I have not have time to check their suitability. Link to be confirmed.. watch out for updates on the webpage on http://scottsibbald.co.uk/sibbald-family-photos/

What I would be interested to do in the future is to enable family and friends to add comments into the photos so that we can add some family background on top of the photos. There are many of the oldest photos that I don’t know who they were but only what sides of the family the belong to.

In the event that a photograph is unsuitable please contact me via email scottsibbald@scottsibbald.co.uk I will check through any requests for removal as soon as possible. If you have any comments added to each I can do that in several ways but we can learn the best along the way.

There is a copy online that is accessible for download to a PC but I would suggest against downloading to a mobile phone- it may become to large.

So at present they are all in rather general groups but I will work on this over time.. 

Scott Sibbald and immediate family.

The Family Tree Work In Progress..
Friends and family groups. Work In Progress..





Scott Sibbald I use self led art therapy for chronic pain. My daily battle with pain originates from multiple spinal surgeries the second produced failed Back Surgery Syndrome and combined with Disc Degeneration leaves me in constant pain and reduced physical ability. With painting, creating and my extended but small family gives me the strength to fight on daily. Newly discovered the Spoon Theory and new Spoonie!

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