What a day for inspiration edinburgh looking amazing from the east

  So today was such a good day. I tried to paint but the watercolour was just in need of some blending material, both my bottles being left at home. So I then tried the acrylic just was like concrete even with the appropriate medium added to slow normal drying. I manage few sketches in watercolour with my watercolour brush which I don’t normally use too often. The day was not about painting it was about the amazing colours that only a few weeks ago Port Seton harbour was dull grey uninteresting but I said to myself I would return in extreme weather, really sunny or really wild. Thankfully today was the former and it was a different place altogether! Bold colours came over the bay reflecting on the sea showing clear lines of waves coming in from the North Sea (even when the tide was on the way out into the sheltered harbour. This was a time lapse lesson in waves structure and I can visualise them in my head now better than I ever have done. After a few hours taking in the quiet I moved on to longniddry. Well it was even better. Artists dream and a panoramic view from the pentland hills, Arthur seat,  the rise and fall of the city on North Bridge down to Waverley up to George street dow hill to sea level, The two Forth bridges and finally on to the coast of Fife. If I forgot to mention Cockenzie power station the coast line around the city glowing in the reflections onto the sea at low tide. The beech was golden clear almost varnished dark stones and the odd walker with a dog or two. 

So if that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is.. Well as always I covered my head but as I am left handed I have been toasted at my forearmmy. I will say it was worth it however I am not sleeping is another sign that my body is not too happy about today but it really was worth it! 

I plan similar again tomorrow! 

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