New watercolour and oil works from Ukraine trip

I have a few new Art works for sale that were drafted while on holiday in Kiev, Ukraine to see Tanya’s family. This was my first trip to Ukraine and I just loved it. It is a stunning city full of history, Religion, run down areas new money, fast cars and pretty people. I want mention the roads but they were a bit like trying to go through spaghetti junction at night, without headlights and without road markings.

This field was a only walk away from Tanya’s family home and as soon as I saw it I started painting!

Of course there are many challenges effecting the region with conflict and politics taking over from tourism and the economy.

I do want to say thank you to all Tanya’s friends and Family for looking after us all so well in Kiev. It was a privilege to have to spend the time with you all.

I only hope that I can repay with the same when you come to Edinburgh!

These paintings are small a4 studies for larger work hence the low price.

If you would like larger versions in oil or watercolour please contact me via the website.