home Birthday, ScottSibbaldsArtWork Happy birthday Alexander 3 today! How time flies!

Happy birthday Alexander 3 today! How time flies!

3 years in a moment. It’s not easy to say but I feel blessed to have Anna, Richie and Alexander in my life.

Then see and enjoy the love of their grandparents, aunts & uncles, extended family and friends it’s an amazing reward.

Have a great day wee man more photos later I suspect.



Scott Sibbald I use self led art therapy for chronic pain. My daily battle with pain originates from multiple spinal surgeries the second produced failed Back Surgery Syndrome and combined with Disc Degeneration leaves me in constant pain and reduced physical ability. With painting, creating and my extended but small family gives me the strength to fight on daily. Newly discovered the Spoon Theory and new Spoonie!

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