Applying Michael Harding non absorbent gesso to canvas and then another with black(normal) gesso

Today it’s busy busy busy. I started using the Michael Harding non absorbent gesso a few paintings ago and it’s nice. There seems to be a nice shine on the paintings without applying much or any addition oil or medium. It’s still work in progress to see if it works for me but it’s for sale on Jackson’s art & The Saa etc etc.

For some crazy reason it’s always a pleasure to apply black gesso(standard gesso) and I don’t know why but it’s brilliant and I do it with pallet knife, it’s like bread and butter but it makes me happy and if a placebo works don’t stop it.

When applying white gesso I always use a large brush so don’t know why or how I made the connection to bread and butter..

The summer exhibition with Musselburghartclub art club is looming and so it’s varnish, mount boards and the start of panic. This year will be a laugh as Tanya is now a club member and therefore she will be varnishing all her art glasswork and other craft items and myself I will be preparing the 5 framed paintings and then 8 unframed and on top juggling looking after the kids.. even if Ritchie is taller than me now..

I will post a sneaky look at a painting to be entered nearer the time of the show but until then keep painting and brewing coffee…

links to the art club websiteare as follows.. and the Facebook page with the event details are below.


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